Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women in Tech - Girl Geek Dinner 2012

It was again this year the time for Yahoo! Women in Tech for a fun filled “Girl Geek Dinner” event to socialize with other women in the technology industry. Totally appreciate Yahoo! for this initiative which is focused on providing inspiration and support to technical women.

The evening was special as we got to listen to amazing woman entrepreneur panel and got to know other women in technology over dinner. Shouvick VP - Yahoo! gave the keynote & like him we all too had a question as to why is the head of Yahoo still a male. Why few women in leadership roles?  In my company to be very frank I am never comfortable sitting across the round table along with only male leaders…but with time I have realized the problem is in me. I let the thought of being a female cross me each time & that what makes me uncomfortable.

Bala the director at Yahoo! who was intimated to see only girls around him came over to moderate the panel discussion on Starting & Succeeding as a woman entrepreneur”. 
The panellists comprised eminent names from the Industry:
-               * Apala Lahiri Chavan - Chief Oracle and Innovator, Human Factors International
-              * Jaya Jha Founder,
-              * Valerie Rozycki Wagoner  Founder & CEO, ZipDial
-              *  Jessie Paul CEO, Paul Writer.

Few highlight & my take away from the panel discussion:
-         There is a difference in knowing that you always wanted to be an entrepreneur & being one
-         It’s not always gonna happen that you will find answers to all question, but it’s always better to take calculated risk before getting into any business
-         Behind every successful entrepreneur there is a salaried spouse
           Have the conviction to do it & let it never be ruled over by emotions
-         Learn to milk your way, take advantage of being a pretty, cute & sensate women that you are
-         Round the business table let the thought of you being a women never cross your mind…does it matter…may it never
-         Have clarity in your confusion, it’s always better to be sorted out
-          Good to have big companies name in your resume
-          Life is too short to be in a wrong job
-         You don’t need a great idea, finance or atmosphere but you need right ppl around to kick off the start-up
-          A strong financial backup for a year as you might see a down fall in income as u get started
-          Specially in India being an Entrepreneur is  not a highly looked upon career option, so do it for ourselves & not for other
-          Passion + Perfection + Profit in a bit is always need in a start-up
-         Don’t fear failures or downfalls, it is needed to know if you are doing it right
-         Network well, build a brand of yourself & few assets before getting’ into a venture
-         Many around would say don’t do it, but be with people who will tell, “you are totally worthit”
      Many thoughts & inspiring discussions happened. Want I have to say is… why just talk about it, go ahead into the field and do it. In all it was a total fun event. I got to interact with many other tech ladies and it was nice to get some compliments & admiration for a change this time from the ladies which I totally adore.

Cheers to the girl power & will be nice to hear some inspiring stories & start-ups created by… 


Shi said...

Its really awesome to have event like this and being part of it can only make one feel good about whatever we as women are doing. Though I am off the IT carrer for 3 years now I am looking forward to start of again shortly hope I do find right people who can help me to leap back in the field.

I am regular reader of you blog Bhavya, you posts inspires me and makes my will stronger to come back in techincal field. Thank you

Bhavya said...

Hi Shri,
These events are simply amazing :) They leave u inspired enough.
Look around & you will always find ppl who will be willing to help you in achieving all ur dreams. Good Luck!
Glad that you find my post inspiring :) I m very much touched & inspired to write more...

azing :)