Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Death faceoff with Life – Part 1

Off late I am taking these short vacations to some very cool places. This time it was my girl army insisting on a girly vacation to Auroville. The reason of picking this destination was Auroville is titled as an organic city & we were curies about exploring this city. The curiosity was so high that we suddenly planned to go on the coming weekend as a result we landed up getting tickets to non-AC bus to Pondicherry.  

We the girl army – Deeks, Joo & Myself. Wait till the end of Part 2 of this post to know why I title this gang as girl army. We all were super excited about this trip. Friday evening and we left from office to catch our bus. A very nice friend comes over to see us off as we board the bus. The driver went absconding while our KSRTC bus was scheduled to leave at 10 pm. Waited for almost 45 min & finally the driver arrived. He was old… I mean he should be 57+ by age, a short fight & argument happened & he finally started the drive towards our destiny.

We had got the middle row seats and I guess we all went off to sleep at around 1 am. At 3 am where all were in deep sleep my face in a massive speed went in forward direction & hit the handle of the front seat. It was in that second when I opened my eyes I realised that the bus has banged something very badly….it was an accident. I quickly touched my nose to check if I was bleeding & I fainted that very next second. Not sure, may be after 5 min deeks comes to me & slaps my face to awake me. My head was spinning badly & I still can picture how deeks face was bleeding and she was motivating me to wake up.

Finally I opened my eyes & I could hear ppl screaming, kids crying & till then I was not ready to believe that our bus has met with an accident & neither made any attempts to move out from the bus. Deeks got down our bags, guided Joo to move out of the bus. I was still on my seat & could only remember Joo’s struggling voice while getting out of the bus. Deeks took me to the front door of the bus, when I looked around I saw how badly our bus has banged the other bus coming from the opposite direction, glasses & blood all around. Ppl’s eyes bleeding & some stuck in between seats. The front door of the bus was smashed so badly that I could not imagine myself getting out from that portion. I gave up & found a seat for myself as my head didn’t stop spinning. Deeks knew that we had to get out of the bus anyhow, she found window the only option at that time. She decided to jump off & which she did. Joo & Deeks were out of the bus & I was still inside the bus – where I had given up on life for few minutes. It was Deeks who was shouting & asking me to jump from the window.

The shattered me, looked out of the window to see how I could jump. Looking at the height & darkness around I was not ready to jump but with deeks showing me her hands & screaming “Bhavya please jump, I will hold please jump” I took my one leg out but still not sure if I wanted to do that. I knew I had no other alternative to rescue myself from this damage but somewhere when u give up no one can really help you. I looked out & finally saw 4 ppl showing me their hands asking me to jump..That got my confidence & I jumped from the bus window. I don’t remember how I did this, what I remembered is how some guy got me down like a princess without any hurt from the bus. Absolutely clueless as to what happened to the driver, guys in the opposite bus, ppl and kids stuck in our bus. We lucky with few other ppl were moved to a fully packed bus, but thanks to few guys who gave up their seats to us.
As our journey resumed our eyes were filled with tears, not because of our knee wounds, bleeding faces, torn jeans, body pains but because this accident happened to us, to the fact that we came out from the damaged bus without bothering about our other fellow bus travelers. Leaving many bleeding, crying, helpless, wounded and unthanked. We three just looked at each other & there was so much energy, power that flew amongst us that made us stronger so much so that we were ready to fight anything absolutely anything coming on our way. That night I shall never forget…praying for the sun to rise and wanting all this to be just a nightmare….

But guess the girl army had much to face… continues in part 2

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