Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cochin – Munnar – Alleppey

Take me away
This is what my heart said to me and I backpacked for a mini vacation to Cochin, Munnar & Alleppey. Throughout my journey as a traveller I kept exploring Kerala beauty
Termed as a ‘scruffy little town’. On leaving the noisy traffic of the hectic town, the countryside unfolded into lush tea plantations, all neatly cropped and trimmed to the hill-sides. The beauty of twisted roads, which meandered like a smooth grey stream amongst the brilliant green of the tea leaves.
Face felt the clouds, eyes blessed with deep intense mountain views, heart felt peace at Top Station view. Never felt so close to nature.

Kundaly Lake:
Water, mountains, land, clouds… this is heaven where the sky meets the land

Tea Factory:
Not being a big fan of tea, I still walked in to Tata Tea Factory. After watching a documentary on how Munar was formed & how it became what it is now, the whole journey was so impressive that I have a new respect for this land. Going through the tea making process was interesting…so much so that I have got badly & deeply addicted to green tea.

First thing that impressed me in Cochin was the cleanliness that’s maintained across the city. People out there are very helpful & genuine. Could somewhere feel gender equality and at Fort Cochin witnessed all together a different style of fishing.

The web has so much to say about Alleppey, but somewhere the hidden agenda of me visiting this place was to see how it could be the best venue for weddings. As I entered I just got the right feeling and I had 2.5 meter dosa welcoming me to this backwaters city.
The beach in the evening was so peace giving and I just didn’t wanted to move away. That evening was crazy; long drive to nonstop 26 Km paddy fields, running around the city to taste my favourite keralite dessert Unniappam and enquiring into almost 10 + restaurants to check if plain rice & sambar is been served.
Guess what Alleppey has amazing sea food, people eat rice for lunch & chapattis or appam for dinner. It rained all night that day & early morning it was houseboat that was waiting for me.

When I stepped into our booked house boat I just couldn’t believe, that it had almost everything that any house would have- TV, AC, Bed, Washbasin, Tub, chairs, sofa, cook, housekeepers etc. The journey begun & I knew that the next 24 hours are going to be the most memorable. Witnessed life of people staying at backwaters & for a while envied them..but as the day was ending I realized that their life is very tough. When I woke up early morning I could just see water around me & that view was priceless.
Travel has become my latest hobby…opps let me correct it, it’s become an addiction. 
More stories coming soon :-) 


Anonymous said...

hey who took this pictures?

abhilash pv said...

Hope Kerala treated u exactly as God's own country!!!!!

Bhavya said...

Yes :) It absolutely did.
Sad...missed meeting u :(
Sure next time :)

Bhavya said...

The pics are taken by me & few by my sister :)

Cyril Sebastian said...

Seems GOD treated you well in its own country!