Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being a woman in the corporate world

Every time that I stood on the stage to deliver a talk
Ever time when I was resolving my customers issues
Every time when I was training geeks
Every time when I was representing my company in a conference
Ever time when I was signing a partnership deal

I was proud of being a woman in this men dominated tech corporate world.

It no more surprises me, when I find myself the only lady around the table in a strategic meeting. There is this perception that woman are good in marketing, testing, graphic designing, documentation. It’s time that we empower more woman in programming, leadership, management domain.

There is lots said, but let me share in my experience of being a woman in this tech corporate world for 5+ years and working in different job profiles:
Corporate trainer: I have seen guys raising their eyebrows, surprised & commenting when they saw me waking in the training room as a trainer. Somewhere notorious, teasers, hard to handle and most importantly had huge egos. In spite of all this, I knew I was there to impart my knowledge. I didn’t take things personally; my passion towards teaching was high. I just didn’t teach them to programme C, VBscript, Android & Java but make them feel coding as a poetry.

Server Consultant: My US customers used to be so excited to hear on the other side of the call a ladies voice & each time I got into a call to resolve my customers live production server issue..they made me feel so special & never failed to compliment and send me nice gifts. I guess a lady can easily empathize and be patient with a customer whose app server is big time screwed up and I just did that.

Programmer: Each piece of code that I wrote, each module that I built, each APK/WAR/EAR that I created… they were like my babies. I assured that they are well built, clean & had a long future and defect free.

Evangelist/Presales: It’s a very glamorous profession, but for a female at times a wrong act, message, move can lead her to no where. We are scanned from top to bottom, offered drinks, smoke and long drives… but with time you pick up the art to get away from all this & get your work done. There is lot of assumptions about ladies being in this field, but I always found it a nice challenge to clear these clouds.

Technology Writer: A woman is expressive & especially when it comes to me let it be my blog or technology freelancing that I do, I always write from heart. I get many offers for technology writing, like lately it being Digit Magazine. I just wish I get more time for my writings.

Business Development: I face very few females in this field, and I wonder each time WHY ? We talk finance, revenue share, branding, strategy, business goals, vision, competitors move etc. When I get into these meetings I feel like I am getting into boys club. Being a teetotaller & vegetarian I have learnt to manage myself to talk business in pubs, parties and most of the times deals getting finalized in the smoking zone.

Well throughout this journey, I never felt bad, hated men or regretted for being a woman. My dirty secret is that today wherever I am is majorly because I am a lady and I am proud. I get lots of attention & compliments which I really enjoy it to the core.

So ladies my message to you’ll is “Technology is a beautiful world, come in…we need more ladies. We have so much talent within us to drive innovation, lead business & change the world for better. I am enjoying myself here…. do join me, I am waiting….


Unknown said...

Well written! I did get some inspiration by reading this. :)

Bhavya said...

Thanks :) That was my whole intend!

jassi said...

true bhavya. Indeed very well said. :)

Anu Ramaswamy said...

Very nicely done, Bhavya! I like how you've been so honest about the advantages of being a woman rather than coming across like a victim. Please do keep writing more around this theme.

Except...I see a contradiction in "as a female at times a wrong act, message, move can lead her to no where". I think every person needs to experience his/her fair share of "wrong acts" as a part of growing up. IMO, believing that a woman's mistakes are somehow costlier would only inhibit her abilities to live life to the fullest, be in in her personal or professional life....something to think about.