Monday, May 24, 2010

FAQ on Android

What is Android ?

Software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and application framework. In-short everything that goes into making a Mobile.

Why are you passionate about Android?
I always loved working with anything that's related to Java. I stopped working for Palm just because I wasn't comfortable with C++. Still remember my textpad application on Palm.
When I heard of Android being an open source mobile platform, I couldn't stop dreaming of developing the same app on an Android mobile device.
Android is a deadly combination of = Java + Google + Mobile Platform + Open Source

How do I start up with android?
Start off with the Google Online documentation on Android.
Also the Android official blogs and the video tutorials are extremely useful. May be my presentation on Android Anatomy might help ;)
Do watch this Video.

What all software's I need to get started ?
JDK 5 or 6
Eclipse 3.4 or 3.5
Android SDK (any) from 1.5 to 2.2
ADT (Android Development tools)

What’s the future of android?
The future of Android is going to be defined beyond Mobile phones. It is going to be in Set top boxes, microwaves, washing machines, etc. We already have Google TV on android.
Since Android is supported by Google, it’s a thing of the future.
Even Gartner predicts Android to grab No 2 spot by 2012 in the mobile platform.

Which android handset should I buy?
As of now, you can buy a Nexus One (Simply Worth it).

Can U make money out of android?
You can make money out of Android by publishing your applications in Android Market. Shortcut would be to takeup freelancing assignments or get hooked to a big packaged MNC job on android.

Darker side of android?
The darker side would be Fragmentation of the application.
The Android Developer will have the pain to port his application onto different platforms.

Market requirements for android developers?
Skills: Java, C, C++

Book on android:
Professional.Android.2.Application.Development by Reto Meier

Android Training institutes in India?
None are good. Depend on self learning and online tutorial

What’s that 1 thing that makes android rule the mobile space as compared to other mobile platforms?
You can build your own mobile phone from Android source code

Which language do I need to learn to work on android?
If u know any of there languages you are good enough to get started.
- Java
- C
- C++
- Interpreted language like :Python, Lua, Ruby, JS

Being a student if I wish to do my academic project on android, how should I start?
You can start by going to and search for Android projects. There are many start-ups who provide internship.

How to install android and non android application on the real device ?

Good Android Blog’s to follow ?


Ranganath said...

I guess JDK1.5 is ideal to use and not prefer 1.6 , At the time of deployment its gonna have issues due to the jre1.6..

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