Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A living dream – Visit to Bangkok

The dreams may well be far away, someplace where I have never been before. 
But there is something that tells me from deep down inside me that they are really somewhere. 
I don't know for sure whether to go there or not, but I was told that if I followed my heart I will be there someday…..
thus my visit to the most happening city of Thailand – Bangkok
Astonishing view from the flight as we were touching Bangkok

Airport had some very good Huawei Device Branding – felt very much at home & a place of belonging. After waiting for almost an hour for the visa – we were out of the airport at 3am. Reached our hotel & we hungry souls got our first shock when they charged us 30 Bahts for one glass of hot drinking water.
The day raised, it was the day to visit temples. Temples: Thailand is a country with a long history of Buddhism.

We decided to take the sky train as it was close by to our hotel. While buying the train tickets the expression that I received for the way I spoke English – made me realize that’s not gonna work. Thai peoples are not very well verse with speaking English, so just use key words & kill your grammar during your stay here.
Many grand temples and shrines were built and if there is only one temple you could visit in Bangkok, it would be no other than the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  Buddha statues are the major highlights in these temples. Each statue brings out a different expression of Lord Buddha majorly “Peace” as that’s what he preached to the whole world.

You can also take a boat ride covering Wat Arun, Wat Pho & Grand Palace.
Bangkok is one of those cities which does not sleep – so our evenings used to be totally fun.

Reached Skybar – one of the very popular Roof top Restaurants:- Standing on the 84th floor open-air revolving restaurant, you really feel like you’re in heaven. Famous for the scene in The Hangover 2, this rooftop bar was probably outstanding before it became famous. After all, it is the world’s highest open-air bar - If you every want to make any of your life’s memorable moment, this is the venue for you.

As the day passed we learnt – Taxies are more affordable, bargain for everything & wherever possible, lychee are something to die for.
They say shop till you drop in Bangkok as the city is all about Designer stores, Malls & Wholesale markets. We spend ample of our time shopping in MBK, Pratunam wholesale market, Chatuchak Weekend Market & the list goes on…..guys – stay far way from entering the Platinum Mall (all the 5 floor are majorly filled with girls stuff)
Night life at Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Soi will make your eyes & heart go red. That’s where most of the Bangkok documentary comes from. A city which has 75% population of girls has its own reasons for making prostitution legal.

Well I can’t talk too much good about the food as being a Vegetarian I really had a tough time. But yes – if you are a meat lover you will love the street food more than the five start restaurant food you might have ever tasted in India. Veggies please carry ReadToEat, fruits, dry fruits for your survival.
One place you can’t miss visiting - Jim Thompson House: A living well architectures house of
An absconding America Man which speak about his life with pride. 
Jim who fell in love with Thai culture and devoted himself to reviving the craft of hand weaving of silk.
The Tuk-Tuk moment of truth is negotiating prices with the driver. Management people can get to test their negotiating skills here, but I totally loved the ride, it’s an experience worth having.

The traffic, the markets, the street hawkers, the grime; the food carts, the temples, the madness, the crime… it’s what makes this iconic South-East Asian capital buzz. That’s how the city “Bangkok” kept amazing me every day.
A city that taught me the value of drinking water, improvised my bargaining & negotiating skills, filled my wardrobe with lovely stuff, made me be conformable in your own skin – ความรัก & lots of love :) 

..but wait does not end here…I have more stories to share in my next Phuket Post.


Predator said...

Awesome Bhavya ! Nice blog .. :)
- Sujeet

Anonymous said...

A Thai stumbled upon your blog. Glad to know that you seemed to enjoy your time here. Anyway sorry for some inconveniences you encountered if there were any of them.

I live in Chiang Mai, another tourist destination. If you haven't been here, plese take this comment as an invitation for your next trip to TH.

TH is not different from every places. We have good and bad things, also good and bad people. Hope you see the first ones wherever you go.

Sorry for any typo. I always do them. Be our guest again any time. You're always welcome.