Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drink & Drive - Choice for a Life

A daughter who has seen her father taking his last breath in an ICU
For he is an orphan boy when the car ran over his parents
Would-be brides love brutally being killed on a street

How does all this sound???

Did you felt the pain of losing your loved one because someone drove when they were drunk?
Picture snapped in front of your eyes - car hitting someone and blood all over?
Did you felt guilty for the times where you drove after drinking alcohol & meeting with an accident or getting lucky for escaping any mishap?

Well! If you have felt anything so far, this message is not for you. It is for those who didn't feel anything reading the above lines:

Ask me-
It’s not easy to let go someone from your life forever because someone got on to the driving seat when they were drunk.
It’s devastating to be back in your conscious to face the world which tags you as a killer after you have banged your car on an innocent soul

Been their…shattered….miserable…helpless…seeing time & relationship getting worst.

All this, just because someone like us wanted to have a great time in the party drinking alcohol, carelessly didn't bother but decides to go back home driving.  This is a simple choice one makes to ruin ones beautiful happy family.

Be Responsible... don’t drink and drive
Help & Support me in this cause
Share your views to make our roads safer by ensuring enforcement of strict laws. 

Back to being a Teetotaler forever & do you still want to know WHY

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