Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Wala Birthday

Thanks everyone for your sincere & warm wishes on my 28th Birthday :) 
Yes, Counting each blessings & wishes as I step into a new journey.
Celebrated a wonderful Bday with my lovely family at Alibaug
Alibaug Beach
Nagaon Beach
Murud-Janjira fort
Taking this opportunity to thank those special people who make my living worth it:
Parents: “Maa & Paa you’ll are my sweetest escapes. Words can’t describe what ull mean to me…..endless Thanks for making me, who I am today, bringing in those values & holding on the faith in me. I shall continue making you’ll proud”.

Sister: “Baby I am lucky to have you as my younger sister. Your maturity, intelligence amazes me at times. It’s a pride to see you grow both professionally & as a wonderful human being. Good Luck with your new house, car & job responsibilities”.

Extended Family: “Chachu-Chachi, Nana-Nani, Dadi, Mama-Mami, Badi Maa, Bade Papa - Thanks for being tolerant with me. Thanks for loving me unconditionally and being a great support for me & my family. Hope we have many reasons for celebration this year”.

Friends: “Yes, I am a bit crazy, confused, weird, and less intelligent as you’ll….but I have amazing friends who like me the way I am & nothing else matters. Thanks for keeping up with my madness & being around sparkling happiness & blessing always. I don’t promise to get smarter..but I promise to be the awesome person u believe me to be”.

Colleagues: “Setting higher benchmarks, giving huge responsibilities & making me prove that I can do it…thanks for the tremendous trust & support bestowed upon me. This year will be indeed rocking for Huawei Devices”.

Business Partner: “Being in business is all about being human. Thanks for teaching me the importance of a word, call, email, time, handshake, idea, win-win. Thanks for trusting that together we will make it happen”.

Well Wishers: “Last not the least – people who inspire, motivate, adore, appreciate, like, love me for my work and more importantly for who I am…trust me I will never let ull down”.  

More sunshine…more joy…more challenges….more dreams…more love
I believe that this year has lots bring it on :)

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