Friday, December 28, 2012

Olivia Culpo – Inspirational

* Rhode Island for the first time ever in history brings Miss USA crown home
* USA after 15 years of long wait was able to win The Miss Universe contest this year 2012
* 5.5 feet, 20 year’s girl was titled the most beautiful girl in the Universe.
Yes! All this was just so close to impossible…but Ms.Olivia changes history back to back.

She is one big example for - “Anything is possible”.
I have been reading & watching here videos off lately & have learnt a lot from this beauty queen. Few quick things that has touched & inspired me to a major extend about her:
Beauty: “You got to be more than just a pretty face. It’s about how good you feel in your own skin. Smile always because that always radiates and brings in smile on others face too. A beauty is not to show-off but to inspire others.

Grateful: “Treat each day as a gift. Make the most out of it. Be grateful to your loved one. Hug your parents and express your feelings, gratitude to people who mean a lot to you.

Confidence: “My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, it hurts but then I didn’t let it shatter me. I learnt my lessons, moved on. Didn’t let that take over me…focused on my goals and believed truly on myself and on god, as he had some very interesting plans for me”.

Being yourself: “All what matters is how you feel about yourself. Don’t be judgemental, just have an open mind…keep getting inspired by the people around you and keep learning. Better yourself each day.

Communication: “There is no great feeling than being able to express yourself truly in best words. Choose your words carefully. Words have the power to inspire, hurt, create, collapse, destroy… so I always watch what I say.
Passion: “People call me crazy because I dance & keep singing every time anywhere…but I can’t stop. Music is so much in me…the passion in me defines me…keeps me always happy & going for new challenges.

Her values, beliefs, passion, beauty, words has created history today.
So what are your creating for yourself?
Whom are you inspiring?
Are you yourself?

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