Sunday, June 26, 2016

Highlights: Start-up Your E-Commerce Business in China

This week I happened to attend a Seminar on how to get started with eCommerce in China for foreigners. I have got you some key highlights of the event & some not so good snaps of the keynote, but useful ones :-)
Despite the opportunities that the fast growth of e-commerce presents to Foreign SME’s to access or expand their operations in China Market, there is still a lack of understanding concerning the establishment, development and maintenance of an online business. In this context, the set-up of an e-commerce platform should be tailor-made to attract online shoppers’ appeal, without overlooking China’s online legal and tax framework.
China loves foreign brands, but you need to consider the logistic part of where to import your products & how much tax you are supported to pay to the china government to assure you get the best price into the market & yet make your profit.
Real cases will be used to simulate this journey, from the ideas conception to the execution, as well as the daily back-office operations of running an online shop. This seminar aims at showcasing the tools that a company needs to successfully run an online business. During the seminar direct and practical questions will be presented and covered, such as:
You should ask the right questions before you start you business:
- Are my products or services suitable for online business? 
- What are the steps to take in order to open an online store? 
- Can I open and run an online shop if I only have a representative company?
- What kind of web designs do Chinese customers like?
- How do I promote online?
- How do I handle online transactions and what payment options do I have?
- Will my company be facing double taxation?
- How does it work with invoicing? - Where should I store my stock?
Last not the least - the Proz & Cons of getting started in China market:
1. China user base is very big, an interesting market which you can't ignore.
2. Instead of starting your own eCommerce website, use the china market place. Get started with
3. Always work with Chinese vendors to get an easy start.Use Chinese marketing tools & langues to reach out to locals.
4. China government rules are very dynamic and are very different. Obey them to survive.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garrett Gee is living the idea ream!

I wonder at times how can someone be living such a perfect life when I heard & got to know Garrett Gee!

To introduce him in short – “He is an entrepreneur who sold his Scan app to Snapchat for $54 Million and is now travelling the world with his wife & two kids”

I wanted to share his inspiring story here with these beautiful visuals that I got from his Instagram account.

Started Scan:
Garrett started Scan while he was a freshman at Brigham Young University together with his 2 other college mates. Scan is an app which is used to connect to real world with the digital universe through mobile scanning technology like QR code, bar codes, beacons & more.
He raised $8 million in funding for Scan, which had 50 million downloads worldwide.

Balancing Scan & Soccer:
He became the caption of BYU soccer team while he was chasing his dream with Scan. For him hard work doesn’t feel like hard work when you love what you do and you understand what you’re working towards.

Shark Tank:
The 20-something dropped out of BYU to develop the Scan app, after receiving funding from Google. Scan was considered so user friendly and popular that it knocked Angry Birds off the App Store top ten list.

Garrett appeared in Shark Tank, he didn’t get the funding but his presence made US believe that he will be big with his idea someday soon.

Fell in love:
Life is meaningful when you find someone with whom you can share it. Jessica was just the right girl for him. He married her and they do everything together. She makes it all worth it & enjoyable.
Sold his company:
He & his co-founders then sold Snap to Snapchat for a reported $54 Millions in 2014. $30 Million in cash and the rest in equity in Snapchat.

Decided to sell his belongings:
Garrett Gee decided to ditch the regular lifestyle and travel the world after selling Scan. So he and his wife decided to sell most of their belongings, including their cars, furniture, TV and extra clothes, and are using money they made to fund their adventures. 
Travelling the world:
Here’s the crazy & most inspiring part. The couple and their two young children, Dorsey and Manilla, call themselves "The Bucket List Family." So far, 25-year-old Garrett and 29-year-old Settie are travelling with their kids to a wide range of exotic spots, such as Turks and Caicos, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii.
Take Away: 
It’s so important to follow your passion & not follow the rules but go with your own instinct. If you believe in something go hard chasing for it. You will meet success & always keep inspiring people around you by being the best form of yourself.

Look what just happened. I tweeted about him & he shows his like on Twitter. Life is magical go out & live it J 
Learn more:

The Bucket List Family Youtube link

Garrett gee Instagram link

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Internet Report 2016

The "Queen of the Internet" Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report released today at the 2016 General Assembly in the US.

Below is the quick summary of the report with the highlights:

The number of Internet users worldwide exceeded 3 billion, an increase of 9 percent over the previous year, the global Internet penetration rate reached 42%. 

India's Internet users reached 277 million, up 40% over last year which makes India the second largest Internet market, after China.

The global smart phone users increased by 21% over the previous year, an increase of 31 percent last year, the growth rate slowed down; after a 5-year high growth in 2015 global smart phone shipments up 10%, up 28% last year.

Smartphone users in Asia Pacific grew 23% last year up 35%.

Global mobile phone operating system share, iOS share in 2015 was 16%, Android share reached 81%.

To benefit from the rapid growth of mobile advertising (66%), 2015 US online advertising grew by 20% last year to 16% in 2015 increased by only 5% of the desktop ads.

Google and Facebook, the two companies together to eat 76 percent of the US online advertising market.

Desktop ad blocking users has reached 220 million mobile ad blocker users reached 420 million, mainly concentrated in China, India and Indonesia.

E-commerce share of the US retail distribution channels, from less than 2% in 2000, increased to more than 10% in 2015, reached more than $ 340 billion.

Message type applications continue its rapid growth, industry leaders including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat.

Voice is becoming a computing interface is the most efficient form of computer input, the machine accuracy of the speech recognition from about 70% in 2010, increased to about 90% by 2016.

IPhone sales in 2015 may have reached its peak, the next Amazon Echo equipment sales will begin to take off?

China Internet Report:
From more than one measure, China has become the market leader in the Internet, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 668 million.

Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu three companies are China's mobile Internet market leader, they accounted for 71% of Chinese users of mobile consumer long time.

2015, China's online advertising market has more than television advertising.

2016, There were 31% of the micro-channel micro-channel shopping users, while in 2015 the figure was 15%.

Global Internet market leader: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba and other companies, flush with cash.

What do you think about this report & is this what you expect to be coming by?

Link to the complete video

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Instagram at Green Room

Me and couple of my friends in Shenzhen planned to visit today Green Room where they were hosting Instagreen Party!

I am writing this post not because we had lots of fun...because I loved the concept how Social element was well integrated in food & beverage space.

So the concept was very simple: Green Room which is a pure vegan restaurant had 3 Fuji Instax Mini's. We were asked to take pictures from the camera and decorate them with Fuji Instax sticker frames, write our name and hang them up on the sky curtain. 

Each person had to take 4 pictures for each category: Food, Drinks, Person, Atmosphere
For this we had to order food & drinks. Once we got it on our table we started taking pictures from the camera. 
As it was the first time I was trying out the camera - we got some bad focused pictures :(
 The winners from each category will WIN 100rmb gift certificate to Green Room and the most voted for photo over all gets to take home a brand new Instax Mini 8! 
At the end we manged to get our hands on Fuji camera & managed to click some cool & amazing pics. I fell in love with the Polaroid concept. 
                                     As the photos started filling the wall the voting started! 
I was amazed to see the kind of creative pictures people had clicked. 

Concept: I never knew that while dinning involving oneself into an activity with a group will be so much fun. Plus Green House not only got new customers, more orders but smartly make their customers fall in love with the food & place. 

This I would call a perfect art of marketing & sales via Gamification 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Long overdue - let's catch up

Let me see, so much has been happening since my last post, which was about M2M. I can assure you I’m as random as ever. Lets go month by month and pick out the highlights! 

I was very particular about not sharing too much personal stuff on my blog…guess I am becoming more of a private person and trying my best to protect the best things that are happening to me. I have also realised that I am not too found of attention and people talking about me.

In the month of Nov after I left OnePlus India, I learnt a very big career lesson. Its not important for which brand you are working, assure that you have good & inspiring leaders. So to all those who wondered why did I leave the company within a year you got my answer.

I also believe “Most companies fail because of leadership.. Never because of product”.
Since Nov my life has been very adventurous. I was working on a project with Vodafone in Chennai. Loving the people, food, beaches & roads of Chennai. Everything was just close to perfect & that’s when Chennai floods came in. That night the rain never stopped. It was pitch dark and no power throughout the city. I was locked in my flat & luckily my area had no water lock. The morning was a terror. I was hearing the news of what was going on in Chennai and to the death stories. I cant describe the pain the city went through ….nor can I hold back my tears as I go back to those days. I had to leave the city the very next day, but I have this regret that I wasn’t around to do my best for the people & the city.  
So, from my learning - if you ever get a chance to do any community service for people please take up such opportunities.

For new years I along with my sister & dear friends travelled to Belum Caves and Gandikota. After seeing the negative side of nature in Chennai I got to see the beauty of nature.
Traveling is fun & more importantly for me it helps me re-defined my perceptions about things, places & people.

It was my first visit to Kolkata –some how I connected to the place very easily. 
Well life was getting easy, less exciting & challenging. So the crazy part of me wanted to explore how life & career shapes up in Shenzhen. So here I am, blogging from my sweet home, road-facing apartment.
So far it has been an exciting journey. Yes, life is not easy here:
- I don’t have free open Internet to surf Google, FB, Twitter, Youtube & many more sites
- For a vegetarian like me, we have very less options to eat outside.
- Hardly people know to speak English & all the signboards are in Chinese text.
- I use an app to communicate with people here.
- Away from Family & Friends.
I left back a very comfortable life back in India, but guess what I love it all.

Do you wonder what makes me like China? Well my next blog post will have some very interesting stories from the life I am living here. Till than take care & love!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Quick bite on Machine to Machine (M2M)

It’s not been very long since I have entered the Telecom space; but I am extremely impressed to see the incredible work done by Vodafone in M2M.
From last 2 weeks, I am going through some extensive training on this technology & I am blown away to see how M2M is revolutionizing industries from various verticals these days.

M2M is also impacting our lives too:-
Few street lights in India are not manually managed; they are street lights which are operated based on the Sun & Moonlight. 
To enter your hotel room all that you need to do is tap your Smartphone.
Car Insurance premium can now be calculated based on your driving habits.
Not only today people are getting smarter, it’s the machines which are getting smarter than us. Thanks to M2M technology. This technology has been around for quite some time now, but these days we see its implementation very often.

Machine to Machine communication is considered to be a highly developing domain, which will work as an enabler for making various verticals “Smart” by providing the capability of transmitting data in real time by using wired / wireless networks, this communication concept offers will provide a wide range of opportunities that will help enabling novel business cases, enhanced workflow, efficiency and improved quality of life.

The M2M ecosystem is considered to be organized in a 3-Layer conceptual model as explained below:
  1. Network Services Layer: Provided by the Network Service Provider (Telecom Service Providers).
  2. M2M Services Layer: Based on Internet Protocol (IP) and provided by the M2M Service Provider.
  3. Application Layer: Provided by the Application Service Provider catering to End User Applications
General description of M2M communication:
  • M2M refers to the technologies that allow wired / wireless system to communicate with the devices of the same ability.
  • M2M solution connects machines or devices to the internet transforming them into intelligent devices that can exchange real time information.
  • M2M uses a device (sensor, meter, etc.) to capture an 'event' (motion, meter reading, temperature, etc.), which is relayed through a network (wireless, wired or hybrid) to an application (software program), that translates the captured event into meaningful information. 
  • M2M devices may be fixed or mobile. Some examples of the fixed M2M applications are Smart metering, City Surveillance cameras, Home automation (remote monitoring of the house and communicating with Fridge, Air conditioners etc.). Moving M2M device applications may have vehicle tracking, Fitness health care devices, e-call, woman safety bands etc. Enabling technologies are as given below:
    • RFID, wireless sensor networks (WSNs), Location based services (LBS).
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC, WLAN (IEEE 802.11), Low power personal area network (IEEE 802.15.4) such as ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Thread for short range communication (TAN / BAN/ FAN/ NAN/ LAN)
    • Cellular 2G/ 3G / LTE MTC (3GPP rel 12), fixed line BB for WAN depending upon the applications.
    • LPWAN technology such as LoRa and Sigfox for WAN are proprietary
    • 5G will bring ultra-high reliability, ultra-low latency, wide coverage and high security network, suitable for M2M / IoT
    • IPv6 capable of providing unique IP addresses to all the devices available on earth. 
  • Devices may be connected directly to the M2M platform or through Gateway / aggregator, depending upon the design of the network. Fixed M2M devices may be connected through gateways having connectivity on lease lines (IP) / fixed line BB or on SIM based connectivity. 
  • Moving M2M devices will be having the connectivity mainly on SIM

M2M Benefits:
  • Operation efficiency: Automation of a process
  • New Business Models:  Innovative strategy
  • Consumer satisfaction:  Remote engine diagnostics of vehicles are a good example which WOWs  customers
  • Compliance: Private APN to assure data security, the transaction is done safely
  • Sustainability: eg Smart metering, Reduce wastage & assure optimized usage of resources

How M2M work?
  1.  A SIM is inserted into the device
  2. The SIM gathers information and transfers it via the Vodafone network to an M2M application
  3. The M2M application processes the data to provide us with useful information

M2M applications:-M2M applications as per industry are given below:

Industry / Vertical
M2M applications
Automotive/ Transportation
Vehicle tracking, e-call, V2V and V2I applications, traffic control, Navigation, Infotainment, Fleet management, asset tracking,  manufacturing and logistics

Utilities / Energy
Smart metering, smart grid, Electric line monitoring, gas / oil / water pipeline monitoring.

Health care
Remote monitoring of patient after surgery (e-health), remote diagnostics, medication reminders, Tele-medicine, wearable health devices

Safety & Surveillance
Commercial and home security monitoring, Surveillance applications, Fire alarm, Police / medical alert

Financial /Retail
Point of sale (POS), ATM, Kiosk, Vending machines, digital signage and handheld terminals.

Public Safety
Highway, bridge, traffic management, homeland security, police, fire and emergency services.

Smart City
Intelligent transport System, Waste management, Street  Light control system, Water distribution, Smart Parking

Remotely controlled irrigation pump

Some interesting work by Vodafone in M2M:
1. Calcutta Smart meters send electronic meter readings to the energy provider automatically. Read more....

2. Reva - Making the connected car a reality. Read more...

3. mSwipe-  Card payment via smartphone.